Accept the challenge

“If only it was that easy”

Problems make up our day to day life and they are something we have to go through all the time. For example you just solved a problem, you decide whether to click on my blog, or not to-wait was that maybe a decision and if so, what is the difference between problems and decisions. Maybe it’s just a question of mindset.

But then comes that one problem where you get stuck and you think FUCK I can try everthing and anything I want and nothing seems to help, all I want is to get rid of it! Maybe it’s something in your past that has happened, or something that you set goals to high for, something you imagined would be different or even something you focus on to much. We all know we have this ONE thing in our lives, that almost seems unsolvable and often we don’t want to admit it. Until you come to that point where we are so fed up with it, you are willing to give anything to solve it. You are unhappy, stressed, whatever it may you don’t want to go on like this and change needs to come fast before things get even worse.

I am by no means an expert but what I think I can say, relatively certainly, Is that you need to be ready to talk, to admit it to yourslef. Once you have accepted that you can move on and you have a much higher chance of reaching your goal.

Some tips you could use;

START SMALL AND ACHIEVE, this is the key to motivation and success, if you start to big you wouldn’t be able to achieve it and that is setting you up for failure. So start with some small goals that you have to be able to achieve and work up from there.

FIND OUT WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU, try different things and see what is for you. While you are at it don’t patch up the problem or challenge, get to the bottom of it! Maybe talking to someone you trust is a start, they could help you set goals and reach them, as well as add motivation.

I promise you if you are ready, you will find a solution and it will take courage and preservation, but you have all of our support. We need to stick together and help each other out, in the end we are not against each other and remember no problem is dumm,we all have them.  

Good luck:)

Day 5 (Tomorrow is Friday)

Dear, Readers

It’s kind of ironic that just a day ago I was talking about being in the moment and now my entry is titled tomorrow is Friday. But i’m trying to convince myself that I can still live in the moment and be excited about tomorrow.

I am also going to give me and everyone else a breather from my marathon of a post yesterday, by just posting a really nice poem that I came across lately. I believe the only way to live a healthy life is a life in balance and this poem really describes this in a couple of words. Give enough, but not to much.

Day 4 (Strength)

Dear, Readers

Congratulations you have made it to hump day! Only 2 more days to go and you can check off another wonderful week in your life:) Today feels like a good day to thank those truly good friends for being there when you needed them the most. And realizing that they really love you the way you are, not more and not less.   

I know I said I would only have one quote for today, but this one is just to good. It’s from one of my favorite kid authors, Dr.Seuss and as we all know “The cat in the hat knows a lot about that”

I have to admit he pretty much said everything already. So for today I decided to create a small activity that might help you tell what kind of a person you are and who you might click with.

Instructions; For each line there are 2 options, pick the one that fits you best. Make sure you keep track of your points that are in the brackets beside each statement and add them up at the end to see your true personality!

  • (2) Play it solo OR (5) Stand in a crowd
  • (2) Write it down OR (5) Doodle all over it
  • (5) Make real friends OR (2) Have 50 imaginary friends
  • (5) Chat with a stranger OR (2) Go unnoticed
  • (2) Meditate in the morning OR (5) Skip through the streets
  • (5) Enjoy the sun rising OR (2) Be a stargazer
  • (2) Walk barefoot OR (5) Traipse about your bright and shinys
  • (2) Have a nice dinner out by yourself OR (5) Invite the crew
  • (5) Watch OR (2) Read
  • (2) Chew fifty times OR (5) Bite of more than you can chew
  • (5) Show your emotions OR (2) Hold things close
  • (2) Take a midday nap OR (5) Stay up all night
  • (2) Whitsle OR (5) Sing

Now add up your total……

If you got 25 to 35 points you are more of a melow introvert, sometimes you prefer to stay at home and be to yourself, than go all out. But don’t let that stop you, make sure you make some good friends, while also having your much needed downtime.

If you got 55 to 65 points you are more of an outgoing extrovert and you often have some of your best times with your friends or out partying. But don’t let that keep you away from sometimes just sitting back and relaxing, you deserve it.  

Day 3 (Today is Today)

Dear, Readers

As much as writing fulfills a big part in my life, It definitely challenges me to take that time to sit down and write everyday.  A while ago I was reading a magazine and came across a study that says; “If you give your body everything it needs, like enough food and sleep as well as enough down time, you would need to give up 10 things in your day”! That’s a lot of things to give up, but nevertheless writing will also add to the list and I can’t say I’m disappointed about it.

The truth is, is that you only have this one moment that you are living in. Not more and not less, so just inhale, exhale and remember tomorrow is not important and yesterday is done. Living your life in the past/future will not change anything and before you know it you life will flash by and you won’t remember ever living.

One day your life will flash before your eyes,make sure it’s worth watching.


Day 2 (Women’s day)

Dear, Readers

Today I thought feels like a good day to write about an inspiring quote made from and for women. Because really let’s be honest, we don’t have the best reputation for having all rights and being respected. We as women are strong, capable, independent and intelligent and we are more than ready to get out into this world and show everyone what we are made of. So, watch out because here we come!

Really I have found this quote hard to say a lot about, but what I can say it that. Every creature that walks, crawls or swims this earth deserves a chance to shine and to be heard. Believe it or not that includes women! We only are asking for 50%, we are not superior to anybody and those who say we are, become no better than all the other men who want to silence us. And if you don’t allow us this, WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL OUR SHARE IS GIVEN TO US.

Evolution is our survival. We need hopes, dreams and imaginations they are what keeps us going and what keeps the human race from disintegrating. And women are full of all those, all we need is a chance. So, nobody gets to tell you that any Idea is stupid and if they do, they clearly don’t see what you do.

And if your day might not be going your way (as we know, it happens to all of us). Don’t for a minute believe that just because your art isn’t sold for a million dollars (yet). Or your book hasn’t won 3 best-seller awards, or that you might not be known for the most brilliant person alive. That your ideas aren’t just as good, maybe you just haven’t shared enough. Believe me it’s what I try to tell myself all the time since I started this blog.

PS: Whoever might be reading this right now, I am kind of at a stopping point of ideas for quotes, so it would be much appreciated, If you could just send in one of your favorite quotes. It might help me find some inspiration for my next entry.

Day 1

Dear, Readers

The quote for today is one that I had to try really hard to live by. With the many new changes that came about us, there were many moments where accepting and letting go was the only way out.

This is my interpretation of this quote, how doing these things might change a small but mighty part in your life.

Acceptance of what is”is so important to find peace in your everyday life, somethings we have no power over and must learn to take things the way they are.

Letting go of what was” ‘Past is in the past’. That simple sentence really says everything, trust me though, I am talking all high and mighty and am constantly struggling with just accepting things I said, or did, which I wish I could change. But through my little experience of truly letting go you feel a weight lift of your shoulders and it allows you to live the next moment blissfully.

Having faith in what will be” Is pretty much the only thing we can do, while expecting the future. Trust me, whatever is to come, you will get through it. Keep your head high, we are all here for a reason, ENJOY LIFE!

I hope you liked my thoughts on this quote, but even more exciting would be to hear yours. Please leave me a quick comment with your thoughts and like the quote if it speaks to you.

Quote week

Dear, Readers

From today (Sunday) to next Sunday, I am going to pick a quote for each day. Where I am going to interpret and add my thoughts to this quote. It would be really cool and much appreciated if you could add a quick comment to the quotes giving your opinion on them or your thoughts on my interpretation. Feel free to also like any qoutes that really speak to you.


Dear, Readers

 A while ago my family decided to move to a different country. Everyone had their challenges and adjustments they had to make and get used to, as we ventured through this journey. But with the help of attitude, positive thinking and a little bit of luck we all made it to the other side. Maybe a bit bruised and still figuring out small details but wiser and full of smiles some tears and adventures experiences.

My entry today is a shout-out to all those explorers, risk-takers and adventurers who are going through a rough patch or a big change in their life right now.


Making decisions comes with the risk that the decision might not always be the right one and will come with it’s challenges, but from my experience that just begins to describe life;

Being vulnerable is one of the hardest things out there, it takes courage. It’s when you decide to let yourself fall and become open to being hurt, but once you have achieved that you have achieved the art of living your life to the fullest extent. It may not or never be the easiest decision, but it’s the one that lets you open your heart and live your life!

The beginning

Dear, Readers

This is the beginning of my ‘day in the life’ blog. I have no idea where this is going to take me, or how this is going to turn out. But as a passage in my book states; Everyone finds their passion at some point and when you do grasp that and fulfill it as best as you can. I have found my passion in writing and I have spent many hours preparing every word carefully, and I hope that my words will leave an impact…..  


is something so beautiful but something so rare which is awful because life should be full of it. And not the inspiration like your teacher yelling at you to do your homework, but the kind that makes you want to get out of bed and do what you are made to do (if you happen to have already found what you’re made to do). There should be certain things in every person’s life that make them feel alive and ready to take on the world, that make them feel like themselves.

Do you recall the saying “practice makes perfect” well those were words that often were rubbed in our face saying, “the only way you will ever learn your math is if you practice, because…. ‘Practice makes perfect’”. But whoever made up that saying was full of crap, because we are not perfect because we are not machines, machines run from flawless algorithms and only make mistakes that we program. We are humans, we are unique, we are special and we are alive. The only thing practice makes, is better, so from now on don’t practice to be perfect, practice to be better.